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SketchPup! Rescue dog mom

My Mission

I donate 10% of all profits to shelter animals around the USA.

I'm Kellin the artist and CEO of SketchPup! In 2018, I was looking for a way to help shelter animals, so I decided to combine my love for animals with my love for art, and SketchPup! was born. I want you to have a unique and fun portrait of your fur kid and, at the same time, I want to give back to the rescue community.

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What our friends are saying
Moira Rose

OMG!! She is beautiful. Thank you, thank you! - Natalie

Beba the Yorkie

We received our shirts last week with our baby on them and we absolutely love it, not only because our baby is on it but the quality of the job is really good... Thanks for the love you put on it and for your kindness in any donation you do for the rescue puppies 🐶 😘 - Lorena

Zoe the Beagle

Mi precioso bolso con mi hermosa niña. Gracias SketchPup! por tan increible regalo. Es tan real que podia sentir que se salia de la tela; un recuerdo inolvidable. - Marian

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But I can’t succeed alone, and need the support of community members like you to really make a significant impact. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.